Consonant-le Horse Race

This game breathes fun into the sorting of words ending in a final silent e with the question of whether the e is making the vowel say its name as in the horse, Blake’s name or whether the e is part of an l-blend syllable where you just hear the consonants as in Fiddle’s name. The e is there to get the word to follow the rule that every syllable needs a vowel.

Vowel Team Games

Two Games Pursuing Comfort With the Changing Faces of Vowel Teams “Sound Pitches” and “Vowel Team Soccer, Forwards or Full-Backs”

Vowel Valley

A game for players who are up for a rollicking review of five syllable types in English as well as all the sounds a given vowel or vowel team may make in each of these syllable types. It’s a valley full of adventurous possibilities, and to be safe, it’s worth taking time for a good look around!

The Magic e Can Set You free!

This Magic e game practices the reading of both closed syllable words and magic e words while pairing up words spelled the same except for the presence or absence of a final e.